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Who are we?


El Gizawey Import & Export is a young Dutch/Egyptian company, based in the green delta of Egypt.

We supply large and middle large distribution centers throughout Egypt. We are sourcing world wide to find quality products that enrich the assortment of our clients. We work hard to give our customers the best. 

By keeping an eye on developments on national and international markets, we are able to cater the products that are in demand or soon will be.


Apart from bringing a product as Juliana sunflower oil on the Egyptian market, we also offer the next services:



         You're an exporter from outside of Egypt


         As a producer/exporter you would like to know if it is interesting to market your product in Egypt. El Gizawey Import & Export will, free of charge,                          conduct an investigation and explore the possibilities. If our research shows a positive result, we can act as your exclusive importer/ distributor.                            That way you can focus on your core activities while we take care of business in Egypt. For more info, click here.


         You're an Egyptian distributor or entre-preneur.


         You want to enlarge your assortment with a certain product but don't want to spend a lot of time looking for it. El Gizawey Import & Export will,            

         free of charge, take care of it.  Through our worldwide network we are able to source any product you want. If the right product has been found,              

         we can act as your exclusive importer. We take care of everything from placing the order, to dealing with air/sea freight, to customs paperwork till the                    delivery on your doorstep. For more info, click here.








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