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Skipjack, Katsuwonus pelamis, is the species most commonly used in canned tuna and is also available fresh and frozen. Skipjack has the most pronounced taste of all of the tropical tunas.


Canned tuna is a prominent component in many weight trainers' diets, as it is very high in protein and is easily prepared. It can also be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, of which it sometimes contains over 300 mg per serving.


Juliana Tuna


Our tuna is caught in the tropical waters surrounding Thailand. Manufactured according to the Halal standards, set by the Central Islamic Comittee of Thailand.


Use our light meat tuna, available in different media and sizes.

Most commonly are shredded, shredded with chili, flakes, chunk and solid in vegetable oil and brine or sunflower oil.


Can sizes: 65 gr, 80 gr, 95 gr, 100 gr, 140 gr, 150 gr, 160 gr, 170 gr, 185 gr, 200 gr, 900 gr, 1000 gr, 1700 gr and 1850 gr.

(48 x 140 gr -185 gr per carton / 24 x 200 gr per carton)


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