The Juliana brand represents the highest standards in quality and stands for healthy, tasteful and affordable food products.

Juliana offers 100% purity and the goodness of vitamins and other essential nutrients, which makes it the ideal choice for people looking for a healthy lifestyle.


We are able to offer you a range of delicious products, such as 100% pure sunflower oil, tasteful tuna and delicious pineapple.


Juliana is supplied to large and middle large distribution centers throughout Egypt.


We are sourcing world wide to find quality food products that enrich the assortment of our clients. 

By keeping an eye on developments on national and international markets, we are able to cater the products that are in demand or soon will be.

Juliana sunflower oil

In order to offer the best, we visit our suppliers, check their products and facilities and

overview the production and loading ourselves... making sure that you receive the best quality.